Bell Steel Joins RSI Weld Advisory Board After Successful Career Fair 2023

Bell Steel, a leader in structural steel and miscellaneous metals fabrication and erection, is proud to announce its recent participation in the 2023 RSI Career Fair. The invite-only event held on the 21st of October was a resounding success, further solidifying Bell Steel’s commitment to promoting career opportunities in the welding industry.

As a result of their active involvement in the RSI Career Fair, Bell Steel has been invited to join the prestigious RSI Weld Advisory Board. This significant recognition highlights Bell Steel’s dedication to supporting educational initiatives and workforce development within the welding and metal fabrication field.

Photo by RSI – Credit to The Refrigeration School Facebook Page

Tali Anau and Nathaniel Stroud played pivotal roles in representing the company at the Fall RSI Career Fair. Their engagement at the event showcased Bell Steel’s passion for fostering talent in the welding industry and their commitment to nurturing the next generation of welding professionals.

This achievement not only marks a significant milestone for Bell Steel but also reinforces their reputation as an industry leader and a dedicated contributor to the growth and development of welding education.

Stay tuned for more updates on Bell Steel’s ongoing initiatives and industry partnerships as they continue to play an active role in shaping the future of the steel and metal fabrication sector.