Bell Steel at RSI Career Fair 2023

In Bell Steel’s Strive for Excellence, we first and foremost applaud The Refrigeration School, INC. (RSI) and Travis Haskin (instructor) for their contributions to the steel industry in bringing up the next generation. At Bell Steel, we believe in giving back and supporting the future success of these students in whatever capacity they may contribute to the steel industry.

Bell Steel recently attended an invite-only career fair put on by RSI Schooling. Tali Anau and Nathaniel Stroud represented Bell Steel during this event. During this event, Tali Anau and Nathaniel Stroud were able to interact with all different groups of trade professionals and recent graduates of RSI programs. People were very happy to hear what Bell Steel offers and even more interested in hearing about a culture-driven shop.

After this event we were able to speak with the RSI director about how they are making an impact with trades in the valley and surrounding areas. In fact, they are starting to work with high schools on developing trades directly after high school and high school programs.

Bell Steel was applauded on not only what we offer but also our professionalism to be able to relate with all work forces. Look out for more involvement between Bell Steel and RSI in the near future, including speaking with high schools and highlighting presentations.